Leading operator of ATMs across the U.S. Our ATMs are located at airports, hotels, banks, malls, and more.

Operates high-tech massage chair systems in casinos, hotels, and transit facilities.

Cryptocurrency ATM (BTM) deployer bringing crypto access to the unbanked population.

Workplace ATM operator. Enabling employees to bank at work.

DOOH Media

Baumy Media operates indoor and outdoor digital signage for advertising purposes in high-traffic areas. The BM portfolio includes LED Billboards, Kiosks, and Digital Posters

Transaction Processing

BaumTech processes ATM transactions for dozens of third-party operators. Additionally, traditional and cash-discount credit card processing is offered via terminal and POS systems.

BTM Processing (aka BTC ATM) offers a turnkey solution to BTM owners to outsource all aspects of their operations including compliance, liquidity, marketing, and logistics. 

Real Estate

Baumy Group owns and operates vacation and traditional rentals across the Gulf Coast. Its development portfolio includes hotels, land, and office properties,

The Bywater Hotel is slated to open in 2022 as an all suites property in New Orleans’ famous Bywater neighborhood.


Baumy Group invests in outside opportunities that align with its experience and infrastructure. We work within both traditional Private Equity and Venture Capital structures.  Our investment approach is hands-on.

E-Commerce providers both ATM Operators and Merchants with access to the best prices on ATMs, parts, and supplies.


BHealth was one of the first providers of temperature screening equipment at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Government and private entities deployed our technology to protect tens of thousands of people from the virus.